How to Send Snaps on Snapchat

Snapchat, as its name suggests, is a photo messaging app, similar to other social media apps. But it gives a fun way to share pictures and videos with your friends, cousins, and family. You can directly edit and send snaps with your contacts and make it as your story without bulking your phone storage space.
Here is how to do this!

How to edit and send a single snap to multiple contacts

1.    Open the ‘Snapchat’ app by tapping its icon.
2.    Enter your ‘Username and password.’
3.    And, tap ‘Sign in.’
4.    Tap the ‘Capture’ button. It is a white circle at the bottom of your screen to take a snap.
5.    Hold the ‘Capture’ button to record a video.
6.    Tap on the tools at the top of the screen to add stickers, text, and draw after taking a snap.
7.    Tap the ‘Cross (X) button’ at the top-left corner of the screen. And take a new snap.
8.    Now, tap the ‘Send’ button at the right-bottom side of your screen. It is the blue circle icon with a white arrow in it.
9.    Tap and select the contacts to who you want to share snap. As you select a contact, a check mark will appear in the box. (To deselect a contact again tap on it, check mark will be removed).
10.    Tap the ‘Send’ button.
Your snap will send to the selected contacts. Not any single receiver knows that the snap forwarded to other people also.

How to send multiple photos to a single contact

1.    Open the ‘Snapchat’ app by tapping its icon.
2.    Enter your ‘Username and password.’
3.    And, tap ‘Sign in.’
4.    Tap on the ‘Chat bubble’ icon at the bottom left corner of the screen to view the chat contacts. Or simply swipe right on the screen.
5.    Find and Select the contact. You want to send snaps.
6.    Tap the ‘photo’ icon to open your phone gallery. It is the first icon from the left side at the bottom of the chat screen.
7.    Now, tap and select the photos you want to send. A blue check mark will appear on the selected photo. To deselect any photo, tap on the blue checkmark.
8.    Tap the ‘Send’ button at the bottom right corner of the gallery screen.
Doing this will send all of the selected photos to the chat.
Use this tips to send images and videos with your loved one and enjoy the Snapchat.

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