How to add multiple users on Google Home speaker or smart display

There are six users voices that can be added to a single speaker or smart display. To listen to personalised media, you can use voice order after you link your voice. Connect to your voice You have to link to one Google Account to connect your voice with Voice Match. If you are a member of many accounts, you can select one account that you like to use. Start the Google Home application.Click Menu.Press the gadget that you want to connect to your voice at the menu list of Home screen.Click Link your account.Click Continue.Go through the steps.Check which gadgets are connected to your voice Start the Google Home application.Click menu at the top-left cornerIn an “Account” option, press Voice Match After going through these steps, you will see a list of speakers and smart displays that are linked to your voice. Steps to unlink your voice from gadgets Unlike your voice, so that stops getting personal results on your speaker or smart display. Note: Firstly, you need to disconnect your Google a…

How to Add and Format Lists in Stickies app for Mac

In Apple devices, one can create notes and lists using multiple apps. One can use the stock Notes app or access the Mail Notes feature. Apart from this, the other options include Keychain Access, TextEdit, and last but not the least, the Stickies application. Stickies is a hidden gem that lies in the Applications folder. It has been a part of the Applications folder since a long while. If you have used Windows PC, then you must be familiar with Sticky Notes. Well, Stickies is quite similar to that. If you often have chores to do and errands to run, then you must consider adding lists on your Mac. Let’s check out the process to make and format lists using the Stickies app. Making lists using the Stickies app in Mac Go to the Applications folder and launch Stickies.Now, place the cursor within the body of the note.Hit the Option and Tab keys simultaneously.Now, a bullet will get inserted.Add the first item in the list.Press the Return key and key in the second item.Repeat this process un…

How to Add Password or Touch ID Lock on Notes in iOS

Notes are a wonderful and convenient option of collecting and saving any data one may wish to keep at hand. But, when the notes contain banking, financial, medical or other private information such as residential address, passwords, etc., then they should be secured. For this reason, the Notes app in iOS allows users to add a password or Touch ID for security the notes. Kindly check out the process to password-protect your notes in the iOS Notes app. How to Set a Password or Touch ID Lock on Notes Open the Notes application on your iPhone or iPad.Make a new note and input whatever you want.In order to lock an older note, just tap on it.Hit the Export option. It contains a box with an arrow.Go through the list of options to locate “Lock Note.” Select this option.Now, the Set Password screen will open.Key in the password and then confirm the password for verification.Add a password hint.Touch the bar next to Use Touch ID if you want to lock your note using the Touch ID.After setting up t…

Guides to Change Font Size in Sticky Notes in Windows 10

Previously, there was the option in the Sticky Notes for the Windows 10 users that they can easily change the font size of the text. But due to some bizarre reasons, Microsoft has removed this feature in their latest update. As a result, the Sticky Notes is worst than before. But this doesn’t mean that user cannot change the font size any longer. It only means that now users need to take some extra steps to find the job done instead of doing it straight from the app. Now let us discuss how to change Font Size in Sticky Notes in Windows 10. But before continuing the process let me tell you that if you follow the process in the same way as given below, then you can be able to do it, and this way you will save your time and it will also takes fewer efforts. The process has been discussed below. Steps to Change Font Size in Sticky Notes in Windows 10 So, let’s start the process by following the below given steps: Firstly, press the Windows key + I button together on the keyboard to open th…

Guide to Install ChromeOS on Old Laptops by Using Chromefy

Nowadays, the ChromeOS is becoming a pretty gentle operating system around the world. Google has been working hard for promoting their Chromebook tablets which work only on this ChromeOS operating system. And the ChromeOS is completely based on the Linux, and thus it is also compatible with the variety of devices, now, the ChromeOS supports the running Androids apps which has been increasing the support for its operating systems. However, installing the ChromeOS will always renew your old Windows laptop or any Desktop computer. And it will also keep it able to run some new and useful software which are easily available on the Android devices. Additionally, it will make your computer faster than before because its operating system is moderately lighter than some others. To install it on your Old Laptops by using the Chromefy, you need to follow below-given steps. Steps to Install ChromeOS on Old Laptops by Using Chromefy Firstly, users have to confirm that the below-given requirements …

How to Install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware?

This Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is an addition of antivirus software which helps you by preventing through different spyware, adware, or some potentially unwanted programs and some other malicious or any irritating or annoying software from a Windows computer system. In short, it helps you in protecting your Windows computer from many dangerous viruses, which might internally damage your computer system.
However, this Malwarebytes Anti Malware is available for all users in two ways like a Free version, which always requires some free updates and scans. And a Paid version cost you 40$/ year, if you paid $40 then it will provide you with all the latest feature such as it runs automatically and also includes some active antivirus protection. This application is very much easy and simple. If you follow few simple steps which we provide you in this article, this procedure will be more easy for you if you follow it on the provided sequence and also take your less time and fewer efforts.


How to Allow Remote Desktop in Windows Server 2016?

The RDP refers to the Remote Desktop Protocol is proprietary of Microsoft remote access protocol which is used by the Windows systems administrators to manage Windows Server system remotely. Apart from the RDP sets, Windows Power Shell or Secure Shell (SSH) remoting is the existence of the complete graphical desktop. However, by default, the RDP server component always listens for the incoming connections direct on the TCP port 3389, though it can only be changed due to the security reasons. Always try to make sure that Microsoft’s current push is for the admin to diminish their reliance upon the RDP easily and as an alternative deploy Windows Servers in direct on Nano Mode or Server Core. Or also employ some Windows Power Shell command line remote administration in place of RDP. The Justification by the Microsoft is just a two ways away: A GUI layer widens the attack surface of your servers.A GUI layer generally consumes some unnecessary system resources. Apart from this, many other …