How to Add and Format Lists in Stickies app for Mac

In Apple devices, one can create notes and lists using multiple apps. One can use the stock Notes app or access the Mail Notes feature. Apart from this, the other options include Keychain Access, TextEdit, and last but not the least, the Stickies application.
Stickies is a hidden gem that lies in the Applications folder. It has been a part of the Applications folder since a long while. If you have used Windows PC, then you must be familiar with Sticky Notes. Well, Stickies is quite similar to that. If you often have chores to do and errands to run, then you must consider adding lists on your Mac. Let’s check out the process to make and format lists using the Stickies app.
Making lists using the Stickies app in Mac
  1. Go to the Applications folder and launch Stickies.
  2. Now, place the cursor within the body of the note.
  3. Hit the Option and Tab keys simultaneously.
  4. Now, a bullet will get inserted.
  5. Add the first item in the list.
  6. Press the Return key and key in the second item.
  7. Repeat this process until your list is complete.
  8. If you want to finish the list, then press the Return key two times.
Formatting Stickies lists in Mac
Mac users can switch the List formats with just a few clicks. They can change the font, select another character for the bullets, switch to a numbered list, and insert prefix or suffix. Here’s how:
  1. Select any item in the list.
  2. Long press the Control button and click from the mouse.
  3. In the pop-out menu, click on the List option.
  4. In the next prompt, you can choose the formatting as per your wish.
It is easy to fall in love with the Stickies app. You can create lists of tasks to complete, things to buy, etc., and place it on your Mac desktop. This way, you will not forget your essential school, professional, or personal assignments and tasks.
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