How to Set Clock Ahead on Apple Watch

Apple watch is a series of smartwatches, designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. It offers users features like fitness tracking and health-oriented capabilities. Apple watch depends on a wirelessly connected iPhone. The basic goal of the Apple Watch was to increase the usage of iPhone.
Are you always in a hurry? Set your Apple Watch’s clock ahead, as this may help. Now Apple Watch has joined the smart company of iDevices; it will be easier to get along with the pace of time. Like any other watches, apple watch also has an option to use clock ahead. It is possible that you need some extra help in getting things on time or may be your clock is some minutes faster than the actual time.

Steps for setting the time ahead on Apple Watch?

  1. Go to the Settings screen from the Apple Watch.
  2. Click on Time.
  3. Click where it shows +0 minutes.
  4. Take the help of digital crown for adjusting how far ahead you wish to set your apple watch.
  5. Click on Set.
  6. Verify your change.
  7. Refer to the current set time in the right-hand upper corner.
This is it. You may repeat these steps to adjust the time on your watch. There are other fascinating ways to personalize your watch.
  1. You can preferably change or customize the watch faces. You can add the Apple logo to watch clock face.
  2. You can add many versions of a watch face.
  3. Customize the watch band and much more.
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