How to Make Conference Calls on iPhone

Apple’s iPhone facilitates its user with a service to call up to five persons at the same the time. Conference calling in iPhone is essential while you are making a plan for a trip with your friends or you are attending the meetings over a phone call. Since calling is the fastest thing to complete a task whether you want to reserve a table in a restaurant or you are planning a trip or a conducting a business meeting from your bedroom, with conference calling you can do it instantly.
In the conference call, just as a conference in a room where persons are physically present and see each other, everyone can hear each other and take part in the discussion while they are not physically present. The technology is not latest in the world; still, people don’t know how to make a conference call and asks about the method. Well, this article is about to tell the proper method to make a conference call using iPhones.
iphone confrence


  1. Open the phone app in your iPhone.
  2. Now, dial a number from the keypad on the screen or go to the contact list.
  3. Tap the Contacts button and select a contact.
  4. Tap the Blue icon to make a call to someone whom you want to talk.
  5. Wait until the recipient picks up the call.
  6. As you need to make a conference call, tell the recipient to wait and hold.
  7. Now, tap Add Call icon on the screen.
  8. Again, either enter a number or go to the contact list to select a contact.
  9. Now, tap the green button to make a phone call.
  10. Once you tap the button, wait for the second participant to pick up the call.
  11. As the second recipient has picked up the phone, tap merge calls
  12. Now, the two persons are in the conference including you as well.
  13. To add more contacts, follow the same step by tapping the add call icon.
  14. All the connected persons on the same call can hear and respond to each other.
Remember, there is a limit in conference calling on iPhones which allow you to call only five persons to participate in the same phone call. Now, as you know the method to make a conference call, you can call any five persons to talk on a topic. It is a fastest and a most unique way to complete a conversation with a group.
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