How to Include Google Search in iOS Messages and Safari

Google app in phones alone is a way to get rid of boredom for long hours by browsing anything randomly. But wait; there is something which will enhance the experience of using Google. Try adding it to the iMessages and Safari apps. Even though Google and Apple are rivals but these tech giants came together to serve the customers and comfort them with the merger services they both provide.
Google can be used in these apps to utilize the services at a maximum comfort level, but it will require a little tweak to enable the apps from both the companies to work together. The method is not complicated, and anyone can enable the feature to use the service comfortably. Before getting started, first ensure that Google app is already installed in the iPhone. If it is not, then install the Google app now and proceed to follow the steps mentioned below.
Here’s how to include Google Search to iOS Messages and Safari
Using Google Search in Messages
  1. Launch Messages app in your iPhone.
  2. Select and open a conversation.
  3. Now go to the app drawer at the bottom and slide lift or right.
  4. To open the list of the apps, tap more and find the Google App icons.
  5. Once found Google App, tap on it.
  6. Now the app is added to the Messages app.
When you select the Google icon, you can use GIFs, Weather, Nearby, Food, Google Search, etc. You can share videos from YouTube selections and something trending from Google News in messages app of the iOS device.
Using Google in Safari
  1. Open the Safari web browser in your iPhone.
  2. Browse to any web page and tap the Action icon.
  3. Find the more button option and tap to open more options.
  4. Navigate the Search Google and tap its toggle button to turn on.
  5. The Google app is now included in the activity menu.
  6. Open the Additional activity menu and tap the icon.
  7. Google app will display the related pages in the web browser.
The Google is now included in Messages and Safari on iOS device which you can use while running these two applications in your iOS device. The facility to add Google app in the message had made messaging more exciting and convenient than before since it enabled the users to share content instantly. Hopefully, you are now enjoying surfing the web on Safari with added Google app.
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