How to Connect PlayStation 4 Fortnite Account to Nintendo Switch

There are fantastic things happening around the world, but this one is the most amazing amongst all. The gamers are going to love to hear that they can now connect PlayStation 4 Fortnite account with Nintendo Switch. The cross-platform support will bring a revolution in the gaming console since it is breaking the restriction for those who have a specific gaming platform. The Global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, John Kodera, revealed that the feature would be available in open beta.
The Epic Games is also putting efforts to find the solution for those gamers who have created the account on multiple consoles to play the worldwide famous Fortnite. The video game company will be featuring the opportunity of merging the player accounts and sync the purchase details so that everything remains in sync and accessible to the players.

Here’s how to connect PlayStation 4 Fortnite Account to Nintendo Switch

  1. Open your web browser and visit the Epic Games website.
  2. Now, enter your Nintendo login credentials and access your account.
  3. Click your username from the top left.
  4. Now proceed to click Accounts.
  5. Select Connected Accounts from the left of the window tab.
  6. Disconnect your Nintendo Switch account.
  7. Now again, you need to log into the Epic Games website.
  8. This time you will need to enter your PlayStation 4 login credentials.
  9. Find the connected accounts. It will display the list of platforms.
  10. Navigate to Switch, click Connect.
  11. Once you do that, you will be prompted to log into your Nintendo Account.
  12. Enter the credentials and log into your Nintendo Account.
  13. The accounts will be tied from the Nintendo website.
Now, you can run Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch. But you must use the profile on the device which is linked with Nintendo Account. That is it. You can start playing Fortnite easily again in the device as usual.
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