How to Completely Disable Siri on iOS Devices

Siri is a virtual assistant of Apple’s operating system. It uses voice queries and natural language interface for answering the questions, making the recommendations and performs the actions by receiving requests. Although Siri is a great personal assistant but sometimes it can get in way of your regular device usage.
Siri voice assistant has several useful commands and features and an amazing sense of humor. But there still are some users who wants to disable Siri on their iOS devices. Turning off Siri will disallow you from accessing the personal assistant from anywhere in iOS. You will lose any of related feature on your devices itself. Sometimes iOS and Mac users may find Siri to be a pain in neck. If you are one of them, you will be glad to know that you can disable Siri.

How to Turn Off Siri in iOS?

Turning off Siri is same for all the devices and versions of iOS.
  1. Launch the Settings App in iOS.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Tap on Siri and near top of screen.
  4. Toggle the switch next to Siri to Off position.
  5. Confirm you wish to disable Siri totally by tapping on Turn Off Siri.
  6. Exit out of Settings.
After disabling Siri, you will get a message saying some Dictation data will continue to exist on Apple Servers. You need to turn the Dictation off because iPhone processes much vour voice recognition on remote Apple Servers for enhanced recognition and understanding of voice. If you want to disable Siri as well as dictation, then it is your choice. But Dictation is a feature that lets you speak to your iPhone and convert speech to text which is useful.

Disabling Dictation Features on MacOS

  1. As Siri on iOS, disabling Siri on MacOS itself does not remove all the voice data from Apple’s servers.
  2. For Turning off the Dictation
  3. Go to System preferences.
  4. Tap on Keyboard.
  5. Tap Off next to Dictation.
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