Tips to Clean your Desktop

Whenever we switch our computer system, the desktop seems to greet us with lovely wallpaper we set for it. Well, it would not be false to say that desktop is the best place in a computer system where you can store, keep or create shortcuts of the files or folder you want. It is the most convenient place to save your documents or folder to access the next time when you switch on your device.
Today, we all are surrounded by technology, and everything needs the computer system. Even, the school assignments are prepared on computers. In this way, saving the documents on the desktop is most convenient. But when you keep storing all the things on your desktop, the home screen of your system is cluttered and looks overcrowded. Cluttered desktop makes the system look unattractive. It also takes time to find the folder or document on cluttered documents.
Well, there is some workaround that is efficient enough to clean up the desktop. These tips are workable to make your system more attractive. You can sort the items on the desktop by their namessize or item type. Let’s see the tips that would help you clean up your desktop.
  1. The first thing that you should do is to sort all the Icons quickly.

  • Right click on the desktop and go to Sort by.
  • Select an option according to your wish from the menu box merging out.
  • Sorting all the items according to their size or name, you will find it easy to find the item.
  1. Hiding the desktop icons also works well

  • This is not a long-term solution, but it can be used for the time being.
  • Right click on the desktop and go to View.
  • Click Show desktop icons.
  • It will hide all the icons from the desktop.
  • If you want the icons to reappear, follow the same process.
  • Admittedly, this method is quickest, but it will be annoying to do again and again.
  1. Creating folders on the desktop

  • Creating a folder to keep the items accordingly make the use more convenient.
  • Not only for desktop cluttered documents and files, but folders for specific works can also be useful enough to sort out items.
  • Right click on the desktop.
  • Now, go to New.
  • Now, select New Folder.
  1. Managing the items when you are done

  • It could be annoying for you but it again one of the most effective methods that you can try.
  • It is true that the desktop is the best place to start your work by open the file with its shortcut.
  • Once you are done with the work, isn’t it a better to manage that file into a drive rather than keeping it on the desktop? Definitely, it is, and you should do that as well.
  1. Pin to taskbar

  • Some of the items are really necessary to keep on the desktop. But, what if you want your desktop to look more spacious?
  • You can pin the item to the taskbar and it will neither remove it from homepage nor keep it on the desktop. It will be on your taskbar.
  • Right-click on an item and go to Pin to taskbar.
  • Remember, select those items which necessary only, or else you will overcrowd your taskbar as well.
This is it, if you follow one of these methods; you will surely keep you desktop less busy and more attractive. One thing you should remember is that the items on the desktop take space of your C: drive which you might want to save for some more important programs and software. Follow the methods mentioned above and clean up your desktop within seconds.
Jeniffer Leio is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Jeniffer Leio written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as


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