How to Stop Notifications for an App in Windows 10?

We all live in the technological world, where we are using several different latest operating systems, gadgets and many more things. And whenever any update or anything comes in that, then it automatically notify us by a notification message. Although we all have too many notifications on our computer, presently, most of the users are using Windows 10, so we just talk about it.
We all dislike too many notifications in our Windows 10 computer. However, some of them are very much important, and some are not required that much. Now, a Windows 10 introduced this concept of notifications that any application which you have installed can send you the one. If anyone doesn’t like unnecessary or excessive notifications on their computer, then there are a few ways to stop them easily.
In this article, we are trying to provide you the best steps for decrease or cut the number of notifications that you get on your computer system. The detailed descriptions are discussed below.

Steps to Stop Notifications for an App in Windows 10

1- Focus Assist
If anyone wants to stop the notifications completely from their Windows 10 then, they should use Focus Assist. It’s a recent addition to the Windows, and it also allows the users to control the level of notification that they get easier. Someone can stop all the notification except the ones from the priority apps. But for this users need to maintain and manage a list of the priority applications. Or the users can simply disable all the notifications except some very important ones through the use of alarms.
By using the Focus Assist, users can also set up some automatic rules such as Focus Assist Timings. By using these automatic rules options, anyone can make focus Assist Enabled for a certain period during a day. No matter when you are duplicating your display or when you are simply playing any game.
2- Stop Notifications for an Application
Did you know about any application which is spamming you with the notifications? Then, you can also stop the notifications for that application. However, Windows gives you very fine control over what notification you get. To stop notifications for an application just follow the few simple steps in a given sequence. The steps are discussed below:
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on the System option.
  3. Then, open the Notifications and Actions.
  4. Now, scroll down up to the option which says ‘Get notifications from these apps.
  5. Search the application which you want to stop the notifications for.
  6. Then, click on the toggle corresponding to it, to stop the notifications for that app.
  7. Alternatively, click on open to explore more settings about a particular
  8. Finally, click to adjust the number of notifications, displayed in the Action Center, or you may also decide the priority of the selected applications.
Windows will always provide you very fine control over the applications and notifications too. By using Windows, you can also customize every corner of the notifications.  With the similarity, users can also change some settings for the other applications. However, every user can selectively enable a few applications and also disable the notifications for the same one.
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