How to Create and Setup Disposable Email IDs?

Your email IDs have transformed into your all-in-one digital identity in the current times. They are no longer used JUST to contact you. In fact, some websites offers audiences to enter their email ID to view their content! Furthermore, some websites require you to sign up and create free accounts to access the content that they host.
How to Create and Setup Disposable Email IDs
Of course, this not only heightens the importance of your email address, but also makes you vulnerable. Email addresses are a rather personal object that contains all your details, including your whereabouts, name, identity, everything. Thus, you will naturally be reluctant to give it away just to read a snippet of the latest bestseller. Plus, who knows who can access the details that you have keyed into such websites. For a professional hacker, just knowing your email ID is enough to unravel everything about you. Therefore, it is important to have a disposable email account that you can use without having to worry about your safety.
The following are ways in which you can create and setup disposable email IDs on various platforms:


Gmail allows you customization options that can help you use an account as your throwaway email account. Here’s how you can use your Gmail account as a disposable email ID:
  1. Enter your email ID along with the tag, say “spammail” at the end of your email address. Once you have entered the email on any service website, whenever you receive a mail from them, the tag “spammail” will remain attached to it.
  2. Once the tag has been attached, it becomes easier to filter out such mails. Setup your Gmail to automatically locate and delete such mails. Add the “spammail” tag in the + of the search box and click on the arrow present on the right. In the From section of the form click on Create filter with this search and key in your tag.
  3. After setting it up, check the Delete it option and click on Create Filter to set it up.
  4. Once you have set up the filter and delete arrangement, Gmail will automatically detect and delete such mails, keeping your inbox free.


If you are willing to create an entirely new throwaway account, then make use of MailDrop!
  1. Visit the MailDrop homepage.
  2. In the box marked view-this-mailbox enter the email ID that you wish to acquire. Click on the Go button to proceed.
  3. You will be redirected to the inbox of your disposable email address. If you have chosen a unique name, you will see a fresh and empty inbox. However, if you opt to use a frequently used ID, you may have the last 10 mails stored in the inbox.
  4. Enter the details of your MailDrop account into any website where you don’t wish to reveal your original ID. The email and spams will then be sent to the inbox of your disposable ID.
Use this trick to create and setup disposable email IDs which will keep your real one free from spam. It is the best way to sign up for services without having to clutter your inbox.
We hope this blog helps you.
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