How to Adjust The iPhone Flashlight Brightness

The iPhone is not only known as one of the most popular smartphones in the world, but it has also got one of the best flashlights in it. Formerly, there was a time when iPhones were newly released and the third party apps used to display a constant white screen on the device for a unique flashlight mode, but now in the more modern time, Apple has been able to build the functionality of flashlights directly into iOS. All Apple iPhone users across the world have got a comparatively more reliable, useful and convenient flashlight always available in their pocket.
When an official flashlight mode into the iOS device was introduced the first time, it had only two simple settings: on and off. But the users who required or wanted more advanced functionality such as brightness control considered necessary to rely on jail-broken adjustments and modifications. On new iPhones, however, there an ability available for users to adjust their flashlight brightness using more official means.

Steps to Adjust the iPhone Flashlight Brightness

  1. First of all, it’s imperative to remember that the ability to change the brightness flashlight requires 3D Touch, which includes the iPhone 6s or newer.
  2. If you have a compatible device, you need to swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone’s screen to activate the Control Center.
  3. Here, the flashlight icon will be available for you by default.
Note: If you don’t find the flashlight icon available in the Control Center, you can then add it back by following the simple process:
  • Head to the Settings.
  • Tap the Control Center.
  • Then tap on the Customize Controls option.
  1. Here, you’ll easily be able to add the flashlight icon into your Control Center.
  2. You can turn the flashlight on and off by just tapping the icon once.
  3. Here’s how you can adjust your iPhone’s flashlight brightness
  4. You will need to use 3D Touch (To be precise, press and hold firmly down on the icon).
  5. Doing so will open a screen with an adjustment bar on it in the middle.
  6. Then you will have to swipe up to make your iPhone flashlight brighter.
  7. Similarly, you can swipe down to make your iPhone flashlight dimmer.
  8. Once your preferred brightness is set, you can tap anyway outside of the bar to close the screen.
  9. Hence, your iPhone is going to remember this brightness setting whenever the flashlight is on.
Note: If you find your preferred settings too dim or too bright, you will always be able to repeat the process mentioned above to customize a new brightness level for your iPhone.
Thank you for reading this article; I hope the information given above will be helpful to you.
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